Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Here is the list of stamp sets being retired at the end of January. Please keep in mind that there may be a few others that may have been missed. If you would like to order any of these sets before they are gone, please contact me before January 31, 2012.

Retiring Stamp Sets (that I have) Jan. 2012

A1101 Always in My Heart
A1102 A Posy
A1103 A Love
A1105 A Paisley
A1112 A Hop
B1323 Just the Ticket
B1350 Family Ties-Pets
B1351 You’re Sweet
B1352 Ms. Scrapbook
B1354 Boom!
B1372 Circle Together
C1305 Family
C1337 Just for Girls
1338 Just for Boys
C1339 Kanji Phrases
C1351 You Did It
C1356 Extreme Happiness
C1359 Sweet Baby
C1360 It’s a Zoo
C1364 TLC
C1368 Treetops
C1390 So Lucky
C1397 Smiles
C1399 On the Edge
C1403 In the Month of February
C1404 In the Month of March
C1405 In the Month of April
C1411 Birthday Boy
C1415 In the Month of May
C1416 In the Month of June
C1417 In the Month of July
C1422 Unity
C1437 Happy Moments
C1443 Heart Attack
C1445 Bless This Nest
C1448 Magic Tabs
C1453 Summer Breeze
C1461 Salutation Seals
D1187 For Every Occasion
D1191 Friendship Blessings
D1254 Soul Mates
D1297 Daydre am
D1320 Shining Star
D1322 Adorning Corners
D1330 Connections
D1337 Love Always
D1346 You Rock
D1348 Priceless Love Word Puzzle
D1357 Post Card-Travel Series
D1361 Thank You
D1365 True Happiness
D1378 Notice the Details
D1399 Dream Big
D1402 Togetherness
D1408 A Little Everything
D1410 One of a Kind
D1413 Cherished Flourishes
D1415 Springtime
D1426 Over the Rainbow
D1427 Tasty Treats
D1431 Happy Holidays
D1438 Circle of Love
D1460 Love Ya!
D1463 Backgrounds & Borders
D1465 Fill in the Blank
D1466 Catching Waves
D1468 On This Day
D1470 Dreams Come True
D1474 Hero

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