Monday, July 18, 2016

Mitchell and Samantha Qualley Wedding Day | July 16, 2016

Mitch and Sam were such a delight to spend the day with this past Saturday! They had a beautiful day for their wedding and despite the threat of severe weather, we were spared from any form of storm! It was perfect! They have a beautiful family with three daughters who were absolutely adorable! Their newest member is just one month old and she was a trooper to handle the outdoors and being held by different people throughout the day! She's just a precious bundle from Heaven! The family helped with decorations and amazing handcrafted signs created by Mitch's father, gorgeous floral arrangements created by Mitch's grandmother. The creativity was superb! The were wed at Living Waters Church in Fargo, ND. The church was very contemporary and had an open sanctuary that was flooded with beautiful natural light! After the ceremony they had a reception at Woodland Conference Center complete with a full meal, cupcakes, photo booth and dance! It was a wonderful celebration! Enjoy this small peek into their day!

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